Why Did We Do It?













For months we prepared to host our recently-completed Generosity Feeds event.  We promoted it to our Lakepoint family till most of them were sick of hearing about it!  We invited the community to volunteer and businesses to sponsor.  Finally the day came.  10,000 meals.  Less than one hour.  Over 500 people came.  Then it was over.  All that work for essentially 45 minutes of food packing mayhem and that was that.  So why did we do it?  It’s impressive to get that many people together and package that many meals in such a short amount of time.  But we weren’t going for big numbers or an impressive event.

We did it because we love our community.  We did it because, for 45 minutes, people from all over Muskego and the surrounding areas would be able to come together in one single act of generosity.  So that people who want to help their community but don’t always know how had an opportunity to do just that.  We did it so that schools would know they have support from the families that benefit from them.  We wanted people to know that some children in our community don’t always have enough to eat.  We wanted those children to know they are cared about.  We want them to succeed and lack of food shouldn’t be the reason they don’t.  We did it for the moms and dads who need a break from planning meals on a bare-bones budget.  It was an opportunity for friends to serve alongside one another, for conversations to happen and stories to be shared.  We did it to inspire more acts of generosity, both big and small.  Finally, we did it because we follow Jesus.  Jesus never turned a child away, he came to set captives free, to redeem broken lives and give up his life for ours.  In light of this, 10,000 meals is at best a dim reflection of the generosity we have already been shown.  But if over 500 people, several schools and hungry children got even a taste of that, it was all worth it.  That’s why we did it.

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