Every man, woman, and child 

will have repeated opportunity to experience Jesus

without having to set foot inside a church building

because we gave them

circles of relationship.

Jesus stocked this church with hundreds of circle makers for our city.  

Every child of our city will be circled by an adult to lean into, a safe home to sleep in, and a stage where they can succeed.

Marriages will be built to last inside a circle of trusted couples.

 Singles in our city will have a circle of familylike connections at their fingertips.  

The elderly will never navigate their lifestage alone.

Education, recreation, economics, politics, the arts, and every other aspect of society will be saturated with the best this church has to offer


Crime rates will go down and graduation rates will go up;

unemployment will drop while new business increases;

debt loads vanish while savings plans rise;

divorce becomes scarce and thriving families become normal,

delinquency is hard to find and the success of our citys children is all over the news.  

All because we planted seeds of radical redemption from King Jesus.

We start herein our cityand wont stop 

until cities all across greater Milwaukee are saturated with Jesus,

and to the ends of the earth.