Gospel     Redemption

Every person, place
and thing back to God
When Jesus came to change the world he started by being “one of us” in the context of everyday life – working, eating, and interacting with everyday people.  His Gospel today still happens best in the context of everyday relationships.  There’s a church component – we disciple, mature, and challenge those who have already chosen a redemptive path in Jesus.  There’s a sending component – we love and serve every person, place, and thing needing to find their way back to God.



Leading again, and again,
and again
Population doesn’t stop growing, nor does the need to continue to spread what we have to others.  Jesus calls us to go to the ends of the earth with his redemption.  At Lakepoint, we will be faithful to multiply a second, third, and fourth round of every meaningful redemptive activity we have done.  We foster an apprenticeship culture – leaders who apprentice new leaders, who will apprentice new leaders.  Multiplied missions and multiplied leaders are how we spread the redemption of Jesus to the corners of the world that need him most.


Uncommon Generosity

Resourcing the needs of our church and our world
God’s great redemptive vision for the world demands great resources.  We recognize our abundance of resources as people of God and give sacrificially of our time, talents, and financial resources.  Those God calls, he also equips and resources.  Therefore we at Lakepoint will continually mature in our generosity.  God calls us to further his work in this church, and  specifically care for the widows, orphans, and the oppressed.