Momentum Celebrated

Lakepoint Momentum
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This past Sunday at Lakepoint Church, we celebrated!
For two years now, we’ve been working on Momentum – accelerating uncommon connections for our church, our community, and the through the new facility that God gifted us with.  It’s been a season of unprecedented generosity at Lakepoint, and excitement for what God has done. 
This Sunday, we brought Momentum to a close.  No better way to close things out than with a celebration!  We had panel of story tellers on the Lakepoint platform, as well as an open mic, to tell personal stories of what our God has done.  We had our commons area decorated to the hilt and arranged with brunch treats.  Kyle Stuart even recapped our history with his parody The Story of Lakepoint.
Thank you for being a church that dreams well, follows God well, and especially celebrates well.  Let’s keep dreaming over the next to come.
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