How Much Do You Know About What Muskego Needs?

I had the opportunity to meet with and learn from number of city leaders last week.  It was fascinating how quickly they could tell me what the city needs.  Did you know that…

  1. Mid-Size Community Rooms are a hard commodity to come by.  We’re talking about gathering space for a about 100 people.  The Old Town Hall is about it.  There are two reception halls, but they’re harder to come by for a non-catered event.  Lakepoint’s new building offers a community room ideal for gatherings of 80-120.
  2. Restaurants in town often have to turn down showers and other small parties, because they don’t have the extra space onsite.
  3. Students are the hardest audience to reach; but also the most needed audience to reach.  Lakepoint Student Pastor, Kyle Stuart, is dreaming up how to use our space to give constructive activities to local students.
  4. There are no less than 80 people in Muskego who run a personal business out of their homes.  The Muskego Chamber of Commerce is hosting a forum to hear from these entrepreneurs to learn how they can resource them better.  Some of the hot topics include access to office amenities such as a printer and scanner.
  5. Seniors voice a strong request in Muskego for their own space.  The difficulty in accommodating them is that they require firm consistency, and a lot of storage onsite.
  6. Muskego Parks and Rec believes that participation would increase if childcare options were offered alongside adult programing.

We may not be able to meet all the needs of Muskego; but we certainly have the space, and the heart, to serve many!

Keep dreaming how this facility can be a gift to our community.

– Brian Hofmeister

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