Beyond Muskego

Lakepoint is a church that multiplies, and we’ve begun to multiply our

efforts with children globally in Peru.

Pastor Jose


We’re partnering with Pastor Jose in Ayacucho, Peru to share the love of Jesus with families in his community. He recently opened the Maranatha Learning Center to provide a safe place for vulnerable children.  


Sponsoring Children 

Lakepoint families sponsor children by name and face, open a pen-pal relationship, and send $40/month.  Every sponsorship allows a new child to receive tutoring, one substantial meal a day, and an opportunity to learn about Jesus through the local church.  Periodic summer trips will be taken to meet and serve the sponsored children first-hand.


More About Peru

IMG_9135Ayacucho is an ancient city located
in the Andes Mountains in the center of Peru. Its name, Ayacucho, literally means “corner of the dead”. It’s easy to understand why it has this name when you look at its history; the people of Ayacucho have suffered from extreme violence for centuries.
IMG_9319Ayacucho has been home to the Wari Tribe which practiced cannibalism, the Incas who performed human sacrifice, and much more recently it was home to the terrorist group known as “Shining Path” from 1980 – 1999, who murdered thousands of people, kidnapped orphaned children to grow their army and led a very violent revolt against the Peruvian government. Because of this long history of violence the people of Ayacucho live with a lot of anger in their hearts and they struggle daily against poverty. Many families only earn a few dollars each day, enough to provide 1 meal. 
-Courtesy of VisionTrust
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