God is…          For Us

God made you in love, sees you in love, and pursues you in love.  It’s been that way forever; because God has always been love.  Far greater than being “against” anything you’ve done wrong, God’s love is always “for” you.

Romans 5:8

God is…       With Us

God didn’t wind up the world and leave it to run its course. He is actively involved in our everyday lives.  But we’re not on the same page.  He lives in righteousness; we don’t.  Much of what we’d call routine occurrences or chance events are actually God redirecting us back to a fuller life in him.

John 1:14

God Became…    One of Us

We needed more than a guide.  We needed a substitute.  So God sent his son, Jesus to become one of us – human.  He  lived our life, and then died our death.  Anything we needed to do or become, Jesus did and became for us.

God Wants…       to be In Us

By faith that what Jesus did counts for us, we receive forgiveness and freedom in restored relationship with God.  God makes a home in us, by his Spirit.  Day by day our lives are transformed in his presence, and to be perfected on the day he returns.    Revelation 3:20