What is an Everyday Circle?
 Social Circle + Faith Circle = Everyday Circle
Intentionally be available within your social circles of everyday life.  Make real friendships.  It’s not rocket science; just a hand full of people whose names you know, and you know something about what they do.  You probably can already name a bunch of friends like that!IMG_5225
Pray for your friends; at least three of them.  Love them the way Jesus loves you.  Really sacrifice and give of yourself to make their lives better. You may want to write down some important information on a Circle Worksheet along the way.

Spend time with people regularly.  
Truly care.  Be a good listener.  Do that and you’ll find that trust is built and that real stories get shared.  You can share your questions, hurts, and hopes with them, and likewise they with you.  Most people are dying for an open and trusting relationship.  

In the course of talking about real issues in life, you’ll find yourself talking about Jesus.  This isn’t pushy proselytizing, it’s just talking about life as you know it.  If they don’t like the Jesus topic, social etiquette is to drop the matter.  If they are open, you’ll quickly learn how the good news of Jesus is a help to their real-life issues, and you’ll get to share that with them.

Let God lead the conversations.  He knows how to add meaningful content through you, your story, and your listening.
everyday circle

If faith conversations are happening regularly on the fly, then you might as well schedule them with intentional regularity.  A little structure goes a long way when someone wants to specifically explore his or her life’s purpose, in JeRosewoodMCsus, with you.

Invite as many people from your circle as you can – you’ll find that everyone has a lot to offer each other (instead of relying just on you) and that spiritual momentum is often caught in community more than taught on the side.

Use our Growth Guide to further your conversations or invite them into your Missional Community.