Our vision is that the people of Muskego will say with pride:
“This is my home church and this is my home town.”
That suburban boredom will be redeemed with meaningful
engagement in the mission of Jesus.
That every child will have a safe home, an adult they can turn
to, and a reason to succeed.
That marriage issues will surface and be supported by friends
long before “divorce” is ever mentioned.
That singles will hold high standards and have ample God-honoring
partners to choose from.
That no elderly person will be lonely and lacking friends.
That the church will be a vital, life giving member in every aspect of
society.  Education, recreation, economics, politics, and the arts will
be filled with the best the church has to offer.  That the residents of
this city would have hundreds of reasons to stay because we were here. 
That we would love where we live.
That crime rates go down and graduation rates go up; that
unemployment drops while new business increases; that debt
loads vanish while savings plans rise; that divorce becomes
scarce and thriving families become normal, that delinquency is
hard to find and the success of our city’s children is all over the news.
That every man, woman, and child would have repeated opportunity
to experience Jesus, through his people, even before setting foot in
a church building.
That the work of God here in this city would be multiplied and
repeated in cities across the world.