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The Beginning

It all began with the vision of local churches to work together in planting new churches in Milwaukee and the region of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Brooklife Church, before its fifth birthday, took the primary role in sending a team and staff to launch Lakepoint.  Riverglen Christian Church (Waukesha), with a vision to plant “5 churches in 10 years,” made Lakepoint their second toward that goal.  Stadia supplied the supporting infrastructure.  Also instrumental in contributing to the start of Lakepoint were The Ridge Community ChurchEast 91st Street Christian ChurchNewthingNew Churches of Christ EvangelismLegacy Christian Church242 Community Church, and Christ’s Church of the Capital District.



Why Muskego?

The story has a prequel of Hofmeisters.  Brian Hofmeister, Lead Pastor and Church Planter of Lakepoint, grew up in Muskego from the age of two onward.  His Father, “Dr. Dave” owned a dental practice in Muskego for 25 years.  With long-term roots in the community, where else would the Hofmeisters turn to start a church? 

IMG_1791Launch Community

On April 29, 2012, the early adopters of Lakepoint gathered together for the first time to pray and ponder what a church would look like for Muskego – 67 adults and children.

These early adopters known as the Lakepoint Launch Community got into the thick of Muskego life over the Summer of 2012: Jammin’ on Janesville, Water Bug Ski Shows, National Night Out, and the Muskego Parade.  Participating in these  events quickly became an annual tradition and trademark of Lakepoint.  Most importantly, Lakepoint formed their first Everyday Circles to help people connect to Jesus in everyday life through everyday relationships.

Opening Sunday!Lakepoint Church Opening Service 3

Lakepoint launched Sunday Worship Services on October 7, 2012! Over 200 people attended weekly at 10am services at Muskego High School.

One out of three people attending Lakepoint are under the age of 18.  Immediately out of the gate Lakepoint staff created their D.O.C.K. Children’s Ministry.  Within a year of opening, staff was added to the Intersect Student Ministries.  Together Lakepoint has led the growing and vibrant next generation that has been become characteristic of Lakepoint.


To multiply it’s outreach efforts Lakepoint quickly rallied together to lead the way in new outreach initiatives.  In 2013, Lakepoint opened a partnership with VisionTrust International with the goal of sponsoring 100 children and a learning center Ayacucho, Peru.  In 2014, Lakepoint began hosting the annual event Muskego Feeds, which rallies 500+ volunteers from Muskego to package 10,000+ meals in one hour.  

A key turn in momentum took place when the Lakepoint family rallied the necessary funds and vision to renovate a home facility December 2015.  More than a church building, this space is used as the Muskego Circle Community Center.  Many everyday lives and everyday relationships find a home here, even before deciding what they believe about God or church.
Church Plants that Plant Churches
Lakepoint has become a church plant that plants churches, planting Ethnos Church for Milwaukee in 2014, City of Light Church for Wauwatosa in 2016, and One Church for Pittsburgh, PA in 2017.
The Best is Yet to Come…