Worship & Creative Arts Pastor Job Posting

Lakepoint Church is looking to hire a full time staff member for Worship and Creative Arts, characterized by: 

  1. A richly vitalized and contagious love relationship with Jesus.
  2. Leadership.  Leading vocally.  Leading with guitar (acoustic or electric).  Leading with a vision of where to go, and a strategy on how to get there.
  3. Teams.  Team members should be drawn to this person’s leadership, be developed in their personal gifting, and connected/coordinated together as a team.  Openness to giving and receiving feedback amongst staff and reporting relationships is also very important.
  4. Discipleship & Equipping.  An understanding of how to disciple people through music and creative arts.  A high value on sending believers with the gospel to their everyday circles.
  5. Resilience for working in environments of change.  

Student Pastor & Church Planter Residency Job Posting

Lakepoint Church is looking for a leader with a contagious relationship with Jesus to be both a Student Pastor and Church Planter in Residence.

The Student portion of the job description is a paid role.  The Residency portion is either fundraised or volunteered. Candidates are welcome to apply for just one role or the other.

Internship Opportunities

We love providing emerging leaders with an immersion experience with our church staff.  We’d pay you if we could, but we can’t so we won’t.  Pick your focus area, and we’ll give you some focused vocational leadership development.