Momentum Countdown #1: Muskego Circle

When we started dreaming about a new facility for Lakepoint we wanted to make it something that could serve more than our church. We figured out that what the community needed was more space to rent for meetings and events. So we did just that, we designed a church that could also function as a community center and there was born Muskego Circle! We have had numerous Boy Scout Troop meetings, business meetings, the State of the City Address, Zumba classes and more use our space. Check out this video to learn more and visit Muskego Circle’s webpage

Momentum Countdown #3: Children

The generosity needed to bring Lakepoint into our new facility had a tremendous impact on the kids of Lakepoint and the Muskego community! There has been added consistency in the DOCK with two services and the classrooms are tailored to the needs of the specific age groups. We now have a mom and child play date called “Mom’s Circle” during the week, the indoor playground got a lot of use during the winter months, and we have been able to host events when students in the area have a day off of school! Momentum has helped us reach out to so many kids and their families. 

Momentum Countdown #4: Students

The generosity that has resulted from Momentum has had a huge impact on our student ministry, Intersect! We have been able to create separate hang out times and spaces for our middle and high school meetings and been able to welcome many new students. Another big thing happening with our student ministry is that we have begun to partner with other area churches to start The Gathering. This is a bi-monthly big group gathering with other youth groups, it’s a great way to meet other students and have a lot of fun! Check out this video to learn more. 

Momentum Countdown #5: Community Events

Here at Lakepoint we enjoy connecting with people and having fun while we do it! The community events like Jammin’ on Janesville, Waterbug Ski Shows, National Night Out, etc. are so fun to be a part of and a great way to connect with other people in our community. Watch this video to see all of the fun in action! 

Go here to find out more about what we are up to this summer in our community! 

Momentum Countdown #6: Serving Teams

Momentum Countdown # 6 highlights serving teams at Lakepoint and their contribution to the growth of individuals and the relationships of our family. Our serving teams do so much to help people connect to others and God at Lakepoint. What some may not realize is that joining a serving team helps you connect as well. When you are part of a serving team you are getting to know people as you serve, it’s a lot of fun! To find out more about serving teams at Lakepoint go here.
Thank you to all who serve, you make a big difference! 

Momentum Countdown #7: Global- Peru

When we started this generosity initiative, called Momentum, we wanted to reach more than just our community of Muskego and the surrounding areas, but wanted to reach globally as well. We have partnered with Vision Trust International to impact the people in Ayacucho, Peru. Families from Lakepoint  who sponsor a child in Peru help provide the funds needed for the child to go to the Maranatha Learning Center after school and receive a good meal, tutoring, and a chance to hear about Jesus everyday! Check out this video to learn more about Lakepoint’s impact in Peru.

Momentum Countdown #8: M Catering

Our partnership with M Catering is another great thing that has come from the Momentum Generosity Initiative! This partnership has helped elevate the quality of events that Muskego Circle and Lakepoint put on. What is an event without good food? We are so glad to be working with another Muskego business! Check out this video to hear more about this partnership. 

Momentum Countdown #9: Staffing

Through the generosity initiative, Momentum, we were able to hire more staff here at Lakepoint! This has allowed each staff member to really focus on their area of expertise and excel in it. It has been neat to see how God brought this team together and they are a joy to work with! Check out the video below to learn more about each staff member and their role at Lakepoint! 
Thank you for your generosity and support!

Momentum Countdown #10: Church Planting

Nearly two years ago Lakepoint started a generosity initiative called Momentum to build God’s kingdom in our city, our church and our world.  As this two year initiative draws to a close, we want to look back at the top 10 things (other than our new facility) that were born out of Momentum and celebrate what God has done! 
Beyond just equipping and resourcing our own church family, we want to partner with others to plant new churches in other communities.  As a result of Momentum generosity, we are happy to announce we are partnering with Brian McKee to help him plant City of Light Church in Wauwatosa!  Check out the video below to hear more of what Brian and his wife are doing.  Stay tuned each week for a new momentum countdown post.

Built To Last According to Mr. Ted

We always enjoy hearing people’s stories about how their everyday life intersects with God’s purpose for people around us.  In this video, Ted Swiezynski shares how he builds to last by investing in the next generation of men.